Our Wild Northern Pink Shrimp are cooked in seawater and will arrive to you fully cooked and frozen. This shrimp is perfect for salads, and excellent in pastas (just be careful not to overcook this delicate product) and to finish soups. Warm thawed shrimp in simmering water, no more than 30-45 seconds, remove from water then serve.

Thawing Instructions

Line a plate or baking sheet with a towel. Place product on towel and thaw in fridge for 12 hours. Change towel as needed. Ready to eat or prepare to your liking. Use within 24 hours of total thaw.

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Apple & Bacon Stuffed Cod

Filled with smoky bacon and sweet McIntosh apples, our Kale-wrapped Stuffed Cod makes the perfect centerpiece to a family-style meal over the holiday season. This simple, but flavour-packed dish will have your nearest and dearest in awe of your culinary skills. 


Snow Crab Cakes

You can make crab cakes so many ways, it’s hard to say what traditional is any more! Here is a very simple crab cake recipe we’ve created that involves deep frying the little cakes to achieve the ultimate golden and crispy coating. These crab cakes can be made small, as dainty canapés

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