All our fishers live on Fogo Island or neighbouring Change Islands, which are among the oldest fishing settlements in North America.

Our small boat fishers' knowledge of the inshore fishery has been passed across generations for the past 400 years. For our cod catch, we work with a small number of people who fish daily using methods of one hook, one fish that results in a higher-quality product, with minimal bycatch. For the other fish and shellfish products we offer, we work collaboratively with the fishers of the Fogo Island Co-operative Society Ltd. – created by fishers from these parts, in the late 1960s, to take control of their own destiny and face challenges posed by industrialized ships from overseas overfishing in local waters.

The National Film Board's 13 minute film Hand. Line. Cod. takes viewers deep inside the world of Fogo Island fishers. Travel with them from the early morning hours, spend time on the ocean, and witness the intricacies of a 500-year-old tradition.

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