Fogo Island Fish

Fogo Island Fish brings premium hand-lined cod and ethically-harvested seafood to fine restaurants and partners in Ontario and Alberta, Canada. We work directly with fishers on Fogo Island, NL to procure the very best product and significantly increase the price that harvesters are paid for their catch. 


Our Catch Method

We work directly with fishers on Fogo Island, NL who catch cod via the traditional handlining method with one line and one hook. These catch methods ensure zero by-catch as well as a superior product ideal for fine-dining applications.

Canadian Seafood for Canadians

What we want to do with seafood is what is already being done with farmed foods. We believe our seafood and the thousands of coastal communities in Canada whose livelihood depends on the fishing industry, should be included in that movement. What’s the goal here? To bring Canadian seafood to Canadians.

Our hand-lined cod is Ocean Wise recommended.

Our Seafood


Fogo Island Fish products served by chefs and fine restaurants.