We work directly with fishers and the Fogo Island Cooperative Society on Fogo Island, off the coast of Newfoundland, to procure the very best handlined Cod and other wild-caught seafood.


Fogo Island Fish brings premium, ethically harvested North Atlantic cod and seafood to select fine dining restaurants, wholesalers and retailers across Canada.

Fogo Island Fish is a Shorefast social business

Shorefast is a registered charity whose mission is to build cultural and economic resilience on Fogo Island and to serve other communities by sharing place-based models of economic development. There is no private gain—the business is operated for the exclusive benefit of strengthening the cultural heritage, supporting ecological sustainability, and investing in the economic well-being of Fogo Island. We work directly with the Fogo Island Co-op—a community-owned enterprise—to catch and process our seafood products.

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