We are proud to work with some of the best restaurants in the country to get the best quality Canadian seafood on the plates of Canadian diners. We maintain close relationships with our chef partners, because their values resonate with ours, as a social business committed to strong fishing communities and healthy oceans. Below are some of the chefs who champion our fish and shellfish products:

John Jackson and Connie Desousa are co-owners and co-executive chefs of CHARCUT Roast House, in Calgary, as well as co-founders of charbar, Alley Burger, CHIX Eggshop and Connie & John’s Pizza. Their culinary values are grounded in sustainability, creativity, and the promise food holds for community – both local and global.

As the Executive Chef of the CN Tower culinary team, John Morris is passionate about bringing quality, local and sustainable ingredients together to create unique and delicious dishes for visitors from around the world at 360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower.

Executive Chef Timothy Charles was a founding member of the Kitchen team at Fogo Island Inn. He believes in tapping into our heritage to create a better future, and he loves working with the vast natural larder at the Inn’s doorstep.

Chris Locke is the Toronto-based and England-born Executive Chef of Marben and The Cloak Bar. He showcases Canada and Ontario's bounty through honest and challenging dishes.

"Fogo Island Fish’s line-caught cod is some of the best we have ever had and we love that it is Canadian. The cod is clean and meaty in texture, which is perfect for the Albertan palate!"

– John Jackson and Connie Desousa, Executive Chefs of CHARCUT

“We are passionate about showcasing sustainable, delicious, Canadian food at 360 Restaurant and that is why I love working with Fogo Island Fish. From the consistent quality in flavour and texture to the ethical harvesting, hand line method in which each fish is caught, Fogo Island’s story is a pleasure to share with our guests from across the country and beyond through each dish served.”

– John Morris, Executive Chef, 360, The Restaurant at the CN Tower

“Fogo Island Fish is pretty much the only fish that I use. I wholeheartedly believe in their fishing practices and how the fishers are treated and compensated.”

– Chris Locke, Executive Chef, Marben and The Cloak Bar

“Fogo Island Fish helps us rebuild the connection between our foodways and our communities.”

– Timothy Charles, Executive Sous-Chef, Fogo Island Inn

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