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Founded by Fogo Islander Anthony Cobb and his wife, Janice Thomson, and now led by Taylor McMeekin, Fogo Island Fish is a Shorefast social business. Our cod fishers receive higher compensation for their catch, and we work directly with the Fogo Island Co-operative Society Ltd.—a community-owned enterprise located in Fogo, Little Seldom and Joe Batt's Arm—to catch and process a variety of seafood products.

Currently most domestic seafood is exported. Buying Canadian in Canada lightens the carbon footprint of the fish on your plate. We want to ensure the best of our North Atlantic bounty can be enjoyed by restaurant clientele and home cooks in Canada too.

Taylor McMeekin

Taylor McMeekin was born and raised in Owen Sound, Ontario, and saw firsthand the devastating impact of industrial overfishing in his region. This shaped his desire to work with communities and businesses that supported fishing on a responsible scale. As a chef at Toronto restaurants Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, The Air Canada Club, The Chase, and The Chase Fish and Oyster, Taylor built relationships with partners such as 100km Foods, Hooked, Ocean Wise, and Fogo Island Fish, who helped to educate him further about the challenges fisheries face across Canada. As the lead on Fogo Island Fish, he is focused on providing chefs and distribution partners with a high level of personal service and on fostering strong relationships with our fishers.


Fogo Island Fish is a Shorefast social business. Shorefast is a registered charity whose mission is to build cultural and economic resilience on Fogo Island and to serve other communities by sharing place-based models of economic development. Shorefast’s social businesses (Fogo Island Inn, Fogo Island Fish, Fogo Island Workshops and Growlers Ice Cream) are designed to be economic engines for the community: they create meaningful employment, contribute to the local economy and generate income to be reinvested in the local through Shorefast’s charitable programs. There is no private gain—the businesses are operated for the exclusive benefit of strengthening the cultural heritage, supporting ecological sustainability, and investing in the economic well-being of Fogo Island.

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