Ocean Wise

Fogo Island Fish products are Ocean Wise recommended. The Ocean Wise symbol next to a seafood item is our assurance of an ocean-friendly seafood choice.

Ocean Wise Seafood is an ocean conservation program that empowers consumers and businesses to choose sustainable seafood options that support healthy oceans, today and into the future.

Conservation 101

We only fish when the North Atlantic Cod are at their physiological peak; in the fall. Fall fish are 20 – 25% heavier than summer fish. By fishing in the fall we create superior quality fish because they have been gorging on bait fish all summer. This enables us to fish 20 – 25% fewer cod from the ocean to fulfill our quotas.

“Fish when the fish are fat”


Each box of Fogo Island Cod has a label telling you where, when, and how it was caught and processed, including the person who packed the box.

Cold Water Fishing

We fish in waters with moving sea ice.


The Labrador current flows by our shores every day at a rate of 24km a day. As a result, the waters around Fogo Island are 8–10 degrees Celsius colder than any equivalent latitude. This makes for an amazing quality fish.

Our Catch Method

We provide high-quality, sustainably caught seafood. Fogo Island Fish only catches in the fall, when the fish is at its physiological peak. Unlike industrial fishing, we use the hand-line fishing method that sustained past generations and catch fish one-by-one with zero by-catch and minimal environmental impact. We catch within 5 miles of the coast of Fogo Island, in view of home just like our ancestors, allowing processing within hours. We preserve local jobs by working with the community-owned Fogo Island Co-operative Society, Ltd., which was established in the 1960s and helped spare Fogo Island from forced resettlement.

Canadian Seafood for Canadians

Canada has the longest coastline and the most freshwater in the world. With three oceans on its perimeter we have access to some of the best seafood available, but Canadians aren’t the ones enjoying this bounty; 75% of Canadian caught seafood is exported and 75% of the seafood Canadians consume is imported.

You have likely heard some variation of the phrase “Home Grown is Better” or “Become a Locavore.” The local food movement and organizations like 100km Foods, have become significant drivers of consumers’ choices, with people becoming more conscious about eating local produce and meat. So what about seafood?

What we want to do with seafood is what is already being done with farmed foods. We believe our seafood and the thousands of coastal communities in Canada whose livelihood depends on the fishing industry, should be included in that movement. What’s the goal here? To bring Canadian seafood to Canadians.