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The Punt Box

Fogo Island Fish delivers wild Atlantic cod, crab and shrimp direct to your door. Our top offering, The Punt Box, is a sublime sampling of Fogo Island Fish products, and includes:

  • 10lb Wild Atlantic Cod (boneless, skinless fillet)
  • 2lb Wild Northern Pink Shrimp
  • 2lb Wild Snow Crab
    (36 portions)

A punt is a small wooden boat used for hundreds of years by Fogo Island fishers as their primary vessel for handlining cod. Fishers would row their punt to the shoals to get their daily catch.


**We deliver to Greater Toronto and Ottawa/Gatineau on Fridays (Thursdays before holiday weekends). For delivery to Southwestern Ontario order through Edesia Fine Foods. For delivery to Calgary order through Meta4Foods** 


Apple & Bacon Stuffed Cod

Filled with smoky bacon and sweet McIntosh apples, our Kale-wrapped Stuffed Cod makes the perfect centerpiece to a family-style meal over the holiday season. This simple, but flavour-packed dish will have your nearest and dearest in awe of your culinary skills. 


Snow Crab Cakes

You can make crab cakes so many ways, it’s hard to say what traditional is any more! Here is a very simple crab cake recipe we’ve created that involves deep frying the little cakes to achieve the ultimate golden and crispy coating. These crab cakes can be made small, as dainty canapés


Cod, Chorizo, & Chickpea Stew

COD, CHORIZO & CHICKPEA STEW (Serves 4) This hearty Spanish-style dish is best shared family-style. It's simple to make, vibrant, and infused w...

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