Our Catch Method

Ours is the very best fish in the world.

From the cold waters of the Labrador Current, wild, hand lined, caught live, bled at sea and flash frozen at the peak of freshness.

We catch fish the traditional way. Single hook and line, hauled up one at a time, by hand, there is zero by-catch.

We bleed and gut our fish and store it on ice for the short journey home.


All our fish are caught within 5 miles of the coast; in view of home.

Because we fish close to home, it is processed within hours of being caught.

We have a community-owned co-operative; the Fogo Island Co-opeartive Society on the island that processes all of our fish.

They fillet, debone and package our cod.

We use world-class technology to flash freeze the fish to ensure maximum freshness.

We only catch fish once a year, in the fall, when the fish is at it’s physiological peak.