Canadian Seafood for Canadians

Canada has the longest coastline and the most freshwater in the world. With three oceans on its perimeter we have access to some of the best seafood available, but Canadians aren’t the ones enjoying this bounty; 75% of Canadian caught seafood is exported and 75% of the seafood Canadians consume is imported.

You have likely heard some variation of the phrase “Home Grown is Better” or “Become a Locavore.” The local food movement and organizations like 100km Foods, have become significant drivers of consumers’ choices, with people becoming more conscious about eating local produce and meat. So what about seafood?

What we want to do with seafood is what is already being done with farmed foods. We believe our seafood and the thousands of coastal communities in Canada whose livelihood depends on the fishing industry, should be included in that movement. What’s the goal here? To bring Canadian seafood to Canadians.