About Fogo Island Fish Inc.

“For 200 years, my forefathers fished for cod in the waters around Fogo Island, Newfoundland, and we still do.

The bounty of these waters sustained us for centuries, until factory fishing was introduced in the 1960’s and changed our world forever. As native Fogo Islanders my family fished for two centuries using the traditional method where we hand line cod, one at a time. Our fathers showed us the special places to go to, including interpreting the wind and sea conditions to know how, when and where to catch fish. These are time honoured methods and traditions that, while diminished, are still practiced on Fogo Island.”  – Anthony Cobb, President, Fogo Island Fish Inc.

Who We Are

We are an island off an island off the northeast coast of Newfoundland, Canada. We have lived and fished here for over 300 years and the cod has sustained us throughout our history.
We are ten distinct cultural communities combine to make a single economic community;  Town of Fogo Island.
Our fishers, both men and women are all from Fogo Island and fish the local waters.

Our Products

Our Hand.Line.Cod program uses the traditional method of hand lining for wild cod, with one line, one hook, hauled up by hand resulting in zero by-catch.
Caught in day-boats, our fish is bled and washed at sea and kept on ice for the short trip back to the wharf.
Our fish is flash frozen, at the peak of freshness.

Our products are available direct from Fogo Island Fish or our partner 100KM Foods Inc. in the GTA, Kitchener/Waterloo and Niagara Regions.

Social Enterprise

We are a social business of the Shorefast Foundation, dedicated to reinventing the fish business to serve community.
We start by paying our fishers double the market rates for their fish.  We had 33 fishers on our Hand.Line.Cod program in 2015 and that increased to 50 fishers in 2016.
All of our products are processed by our community-owned Fogo Island Co-operative Society, preserving important local jobs.